#Parting gift

#last #otherroom #YQbaba A true story (Parting gift from a mother to her son whom she never saw)


She was sitting completely numb on the hospital bed. In the matter of minutes her whole world came crashing. The dreams, the hope, the plans that were woven from last seven months were crushed into pieces. The reality was so harsh that she could not accept it. Was it a nightmare! Tha doctor’s words,”SHE WILL ABORT” were hammering through her mind. What! How is it possible? There must have been a mistake. Any ray of hope, any change of opinion. But NO! She was finding it hard to collect the broken pieces of her heart. The kicking, the fluttering, the somersault that she had felt in her womb until recently came to screeching halt. 

In a matter of time, she became a Ginny pig, devoid of any shame from internal examination or touch of a male doctor. She was no more in her normal senses to feel any other emotion. Laying down on the ultrasound table she was praying continuously with deepest of faith,”Lord! Please make the heart of that tiny creature in my womb beat. That is my world, my baby.” The doctor’s mocking words were piercing her heart,”This new generation, they take life as an adventure. They conceive without thinking and add to our troubles.” At that state of mind who could explain to the doctor that it was not an adventure, it was a decision which she took with her heart and mind. The living proof were the overflowing drawings that she herself had made to fill the walls of the baby’s room. Little knowing that now the walls will be full but the room will be empty.

MEANWHILE, IN THE OTHER ROOM, the final decision was being made. She will give birth to a still baby. 

She was placed on the delivery table like a specimen and was as lifeless as the baby she was going to give birth in a matter of few minutes.

She was asked to push hard and she did it mechanically. Finally, the baby’s still body emerged out of her body and instead of tears of joy her eyes were filled with tears of pain, “Why only me?”

The nurse asked,”It’s a baby boy, do you want to see him?” She wanted to see her baby for the LAST time who was alive within her, kicking inside her 24×7 just a day prior. She wanted to hold him, kiss him, shower all her love and affection but she said,”NO!” No because if she did see him, she would have lost her mind and would not have been able to part even from his lifeless body. His face would have remained imprinted on her mind and soul forever and ever. She blessed him with the heart of a mother and requested him to come back again to her, full of life.”I will be waiting for you my child.” 

She was finally taken back to the hospital bed where it all started like a nightmare. She has to go through the follow up. As the natural mechanism set by God and after effect of delivery, her breast started to produce milk. An occurrence that in normal circumstances would have brought relief were like piercing arrows that slithered across her heart. The nurse came with medicines to stop this process, little knowing that every sound which she heard now was her baby’s cry and every print that she saw around were of her baby’s little hands. 

No medicine, no painkiller, no treatment in the world had the strength to reduce the pain that her heart was holding.

Quietly, tears were rolling down her cheeks like strings of pearl and deep inside her heart she was wishing that she could weave them together and give to her beloved son as a PARTING GIFT.

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